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Mommy, What’s a FAQtoid?

You Should Get FAQ’ed*

We are curious animals. More than 14% of search queries are now QUESTION keywords, according to SEO experts. Increasingly, search engines are rewarding common speech patterns–and that means queries phrased like (or implying) a question. 

*Read: You’re So FAQ’ed: When Your Company Sounds Like a Porn Site

So if you want to be found on the vast interwaves, instead of lost on a desert isle, you need to…


A FAQ can be much more than a bunch of obvious questions and half-baked answers. It can be the gateway to your product or service–like, your BRAND. It can reap you great SEO and Snappy Rich Results. It can forward your style in voice, a video or even a well-researched list. It can make your users feel warm and fuzzy because you care enough to help them–or frustrated and angry when you don’t. It’s up to you (or us, if you want our help).

SO the question is: Why AREN’T You Getting FAQ’ed?