What are FAQtoids? Are you serious?

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OK, I was sitting around one night and liked the way it sounded: like “factoid,” but instead of being a useless piece of trivia, it is a Q and A nugget of informational goodness with some humor thrown in–a veritable “mini-me” FAQ. Plus, it sounds a little naughty, but not truly offensive.

CafeFAQ | FAQtoids FAQ toids Q Are Manischewitz Gefilte Dogs really made of fish KOSHER HAS BROWNIES CAN
Yes, they’re kosher!

Sometimes I’m dead serious.

CafeFAQ | FAQtoids FAQ toids Q: How Can I Find Out if Elvis Is Actually Alive?
Still VIVA in Las Vegas?

Hey, I’m not some dumb old ex-hippie biddy turned new-ager with a nose piercing who doesn’t understand crypto or know anyone famous.

So see you out on the interweb…OR just step up and ask me to write something for you (for pay). EMAIL ME. OR TEXT ME. I’m not picky.

Here’s how we do what we do when we do it

Every FAQtoid is lovingly made BY HAND, not using Bots or AI, with Rank Math’s FAQ Blocks and FAQ Accordion. Although we are not against AI, not at ALL. Not a total Luddite idiot!

More FAQtoids, please and thank you