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I HAVE A SUGGESTIVE NAME. But I’m so over it.


I have roots in tech and design and we love words and puzzles. And I am a foodie. CafeFAQ was started by a former programmer and journalist from San Francisco (ME!) Now based in southeastern Ohio and New York City.

About Me
So Dang Proud of Ourselves
  • What else about ME? I’M A CURIOUS GEORGE. I don’t shy away from hard questions. In fact, I beg them. At CafeFAQ, FAQtoids* and FAQs consume me. Some even end up being my fave, like the one below.

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Q: Should I jump into a pit of steaming hot lava, writhing snakes, and used metal car parts?


I’ve Actually Been Around a While

CafeFAQ started out as CafeFAQ Communications in 2009, a tech writing firm. Before that, I was part of Teclarity, co-owned with a fellow writer. I’m one seasoned chick. I wrote the Personal Finance column for examiner.comSF for FIVE years. I currently run a couple of blogs, including this one, and a stealth account (that I usually blurt out even if you don’t ask).


Got some crazy questions? Send me your fave BEST or WORST FAQs. Who knows? Yours might end up as one of our funky, fascinating FAQtoids. Of course, you could also just write me and say Hey.

WAIT… Do you ACTUALLY want to WRITE for CafeFAQ?

THANKS for reading this far! What a chore when all you wanted to do was talk to me about writing for us. Cool! I look for short- and long-form articles on FAQ-related topics, pretty much the nerdier the better. I also appreciate well-written posts on UI/UX design principles, all aspects of communication, and DIY programming (don’t worry, I mean the EASY kind). I also post humor of all kinds.

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We do our best to attribute to artists on each page, but sometimes we miss. If we missed YOU or your art, which is quite possible, let us know.

About Harper, the BEST DOG EVER

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TINDR profile of the company rescue dog, Harper, an Aussie Shepherd/Flat Coat Retriever mix.

Credits: Pit Sign by ME . Dog by ME

*Q: What is a FAQtoid? Are you being serious? Where can I find more, please (I have some time to kill)?