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The very cool wedding program/guide

An Unorthodox Approach to the Traditional Hindu Wedding


A visual wedding guide or “roadmap” for a Hindu wedding ceremony, complete with easy-to-understand explanations.

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The very cool wedding program/guide

What is BARAAT…? A guide to the Hindu ceremony

This guide is a FAQ in disguise, as it answers the most common questions about each part of the ceremony.

What is BARAAT Groom’s Parade

What is SWAGATAM Welcoming the Groom’s Family

What is GANESH POOJA The First Pooja

What is KANYA AGAMAN Bride’s Arrival

What is JAI MALA Exchanging Garlands

What is KANYA DAAN and HASTA MELAP Giving Away the Bride

What is GATH BANDHAN Tying the Knot

What is AGNI POOJA Calling Lord Agni as Witness

What is MANGAL PHERA Circling the Sacred Fire

What is SATAPADI The Seven Steps

WHO Is It For?

For wedding ceremony attendees who are lost in the traditions, rituals and terminology of a proper Hindu wedding. This wedding took place in midwest United States, where few attendees would understand the ins and outs for this kind of wedding.

Should I put this on my wedding site (a FAQ)?

IF you are creating or already own a personal wedding website, consider putting a FAQ like this on your site, to describe the parts of the ceremony that some attendees (or all) might not understand. You can create one specifically for you, with your own personal touches.

WHAT’s to LIKE About It?

AT FIRST GLANCEA FAQ disguised as a clever and friendly visual roadmap with steps that make each moment clear to attendees
AND THEN…Friendly vibe helps you feel “at home” with the process.

More INSPIRATION, please and thank you