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Kick-Ass On Demand Virtual Assistant Signup

CafeFAQ | Virtual Assistant

WHAT is it?

A live Virtual Assistant service through Slack from The Virtual Gurus. You can get signed up fast by watching their “Explainer video” at

Basically, you 1) Sign up, then 2) Install Slack, and 3) Type “Hey Betty” and a team of (human) virtual assistants respond in realtime. All is explained in several ways on their website:

  • a less-than-one-minute “Explainer” video
  • easy-to-read, large “How It Works” text
  • standard, no-frills FAQ list on their website

WHO is it for?

Anyone, small businesses, entrepreneurs, busy people (like we said, anyone)

WHAT’s to LIKE about it?

AT FIRST GLANCEVideo explains the basics of how to get signed up and started FAST
AND THEN…Clear, transparent info using several teaching methods

More INSPIRATION, please and thank you