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What is Knowable? Audio-first, not fashion-first

A Medium-Size Knowable FAQ: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, Just Right

knowable faq
What is Knowable? It’s audio-first, not fashion-first

WHAT is it?

Knowable has a straight-ahead, clear toggle list FAQ that is listed along with its Help section on the Knowable website. Not fashion-forward, but audio-first. The Knowable FAQ is a super example of how to do a Just the FAQs, Ma’am-style Frequently Asked Questions section, when your product, company or concept is not overly complicated or layered.

knowable faq

WHO Is It For?

Users and potential users of Knowable–it covers all the basic bases. the Knowable FAQ covers About, Membership and Billing, Apps and Accessibility, Help and Contact, Create on Knowable.


WHAT’s to LIKE About It?

AT FIRST GLANCEResembles but does not duplicate’s Help Center in its simplicity (Medium acquired Knowable in November 2021), readable font style (Open Source) and size, and PRO plain language. No icons or frills. Calming yellow background color with red highlight text. Accessibility as a topic section is covered (nice).
AND THEN…Cleanly covers the top five areas for user issues stated in question form. Easy on the eyes.

More INSPIRATION, please and thank you