Q: Does wearing socks to bed help you sleep?

CafeFAQ | FAQtoids FAQ toids Will wearing socks to bed help my sleep routine
Make sure you wear awesome ones

Q: Will I go to sleep faster with socks on?

CafeFAQ | FAQtoids FAQ toids Will wearing socks to bed help me sleep

Yes, according to the Sleep Foundation, so you might want to consider adding it to your sleep routine. Wearing socks to bed that keep your feet warm might also help you stay asleep longer. They also suggest adding a warm foot massage or bath before bed to help you fall asleep. Sure!

The Cleveland Clinic goes a step further and reports that wearing socks to bed might help regulate your core body temperature through a process known as distal vasodilation. To get to sleep, your body naturally tries to lower your core temperature sleep. By wearing socks to bed, you are increasing the blood circulation to your feet–this results in a lower core temperature. You might also improve your sex life.

Does it help if you are wearing Awesome Socks? YES–fighting infant mortality will definitely help you sleep better at night.

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