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Q: Life .sucks–can I get a domain for that?

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That sucks.

Q: I think life .sucks–can I get that domain?

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Yes! If you have a “Life sucks and then you die” attitude, there is a domain for you. .sucks is an internet domain registrar company that controls the rights to sell all .sucks domains.

But wait, even more than a .sucks domain
They also run the Bad Business Awards. You *may* want to check to see if your company is listed. Some of the biggies listed at last count include: Fox News (winner), Walmart (1st runner up) and Disney (2nd runner up). Past winners are Amazon (of course) Meta and Spotify. Although it would be an honor to be considered a biggie, this is one award you don’t want.

A CafeFAQ team member recently won a year-long .sucks domain for this entry: Congrats (we think?)

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