Q: Which is better: window or aisle?

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Q: Which is best: window or aisle seat?

It all comes down to SLEEP versus ACCESS (to the bathroom and your stuff), say the experts who don’t commit to a window or aisle seat.

But according to travel expert and blogger The Points Guy, the window set ranks best by far. It’s more private, best for sleeping semi-upright, and you don’t risk having stuff fall on you when opening the overhead compartments,”as items might have shifted during the flight.”

Good riddance, Middlers
We think we can all agree to say goodbye to the middle seat, although it may cost us. Want more flying tips? Popular Frequent Flyer and Senior Reporter at the Points Guy Zach Griff offers up flying dos and don’ts and gems like why the Delta Airbus A350 is a big upgrade for Economy folks (63+ Comfort Seats!).

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