The users in the field are thrilled to have a manual and they really like the design. You did a beautiful job.
Diane M. Yassa, Trainer, Copart

Barbara has excellent writing skills.. she’s a professional.
Amy Stephan, Director, Knowledge Publishing Division, Inference Corporation

Barbara be good.
Paul Yiu, Product Manager, Extensity, Inc.

She has a very good business sense and understands tradeoffs and can help provide you with options.
Kate Gentry, Director of Release Management, GEAC Computers Ltd.

The decision to use their services was based upon a very good phone interview, and their competitive price.
Overall, we were very pleased with the results, and their services come highly recommended!
Pete Salmon, Project Manager, E*TRADE Financial

Barbara did a superlative job with our technical documents, which were delivered on time.
In addition, she is a great person to work with and is an “A” player in my book.
Bill Yee, Product Development, Computer Associates, formerly of ManageStar

Her knowledge, sincerity, honesty and professionalism were always evident.
Her work and that of her staff was always of the highest quality.
James Heckman, Consultant, Extensity

Barbara has the right combination of technical background and business sense to make any project a success.
Diane Fadal, Sr Tech Writer, Extensity

She was an absolute joy to work with, managing to both do her work and to bring clarity to mine.
Heather Duggan, Product Manager, Island Graphics

She’s got crazy word skills!
Frank Gurick, Director of Enterprise Sales, CallWave