The WayBack FAQ Machine: Back to the Future in a Song

Music does a lot of things for a lot of people. It’s transporting, for sure. It can take you right back, years back…

Aretha Franklin, singer
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Can you really fuel a DeLorean with trash?


Consider telling your FAQ in a song.

Actor, musician and comedian Tom Wilson (AKA the character Biff Tannen) of Back to the Future movie fame grew tired of answering the same too frequently asked questions from his fans: What’s Michael J. Fox like? (He’s nice.) What’s Christopher Lloyd like? (Kinda quiet.) Was that real manure? (No it wasn’t.) Do hoverboards really fly? (It’s a MOVIE.) And so on.

So he wrote this song to handle his FAQs.

WHO Is It For?

For Back to the Future fans everywhere.

WHAT’s to LIKE About It?

AT FIRST GLANCEHilarious musical take on FAQs and fandom
AND THEN…Easy format to re-produce, just get a guitar and write some clever, rhyming lyrics

Cat got your tongue?

In case you hit writer’s block while working on the lyrics for your oh-so-great FAQ song, see about using the most common words in song lyrics if you want to sound authentic (love, yeah, feel, girl, take, life, back, never, die, away…)

Video by All the Right Movies . Photo by Universal Studios Fandom

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