What are FAQtoids? Are you being serious?

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What are FAQtoids? 

OK, you got us. We were sitting around one night and liked the way it sounded: like “factoid,” but instead of being a useless piece of trivia, it is a Q and A nugget of informational goodness with at times some of our humor thrown in (or occasionally, dark humor)–a veritable “mini-me” FAQ.

CafeFAQ | FAQtoids FAQ toids Q Are Manischewitz Gefilte Dogs really made of fish KOSHER HAS BROWNIES CAN
Yes, they’re kosher

We do ask questions about important scientific issues of the day, like climate change and sea level rise, or how to diversify the toy aisle, or what is Empathy?

Unlike the re-purposed, regurgitated, aggregated Frequently Asked Questions content we find out there on the interweb these days, we think our highly curated collection of hand-picked FAQtoids are some of the best, most compelling questions around. Sorry, you won’t find anything like the same old, dried-up #Questions “content,” and maybe we will make you laugh or consider something new.

Got a FAQ that aspires to be a FAQtoid? Email or WhatsApp us.

And yeah, sometimes we’re dead serious.

CafeFAQ | FAQtoids FAQ toids Q: How Can I Find Out if Elvis Is Actually Alive?
Still Viva in LAs Vegas?

How we do it

Every FAQtoid is lovingly made by hand using Rank Math’s FAQ Blocks and FAQ Accordion.

More FAQtoids, please and thank you